Monday, February 4, 2013

Indian Himalaya: A Run With A View

Divesh and I spent the past week in India visiting relatives.  Fortunately for me, a lot of his family is from an area at the edge of the Himalayan foothills, so while visiting them we were able to go for a quick run.

We started from Nainital, a popular tourist town with a scenic lake, and ran up to Snow View--which, as you might imagine, gives you a view of the snowy peaks across a few valleys.  From Snow View we explored a few short trails until we finally hit the jackpot and found a long-distance one.  We didn't have much time and some of the trail was too icy (with steep dropoffs!) to run, but we ran enough of it to know we wanted to come back.  Apparently it goes about 20k to a village/hamlet type of thing, and judging from the terrain we could see, it's going to involve a good amount of ascent and descent...


  1. Wow. Those pictures are unreal! Running pants aside ;o). I am glad you guys did have time for a run, even if it was "quick". I hope it was a nice trip, despite your illness- yikes - why are we all getting sick? Would be awesome to plan a trip with you guys out there some day - at a time when we can spend mutiple days exploring those trails. I do love to dream.

  2. Awesome pics! My running never seems so adventurous!