Monday, October 7, 2013

New trails, new rocks

After what felt like a very, very long time in the flatlands of Wisconsin, we have moved to Marietta, Georgia. Marietta is about 30 minutes north of Atlanta and is somewhere between a suburb and its own town.  Divesh was able to transfer offices within the same company, and my company is letting me work from home.

This is a big upgrade from Appleton.  Here, we have local trails, hills, and climbing in abundant supply.  Complaining about a lack of hills anywhere within an hour has been replaced by complaining about having to run up the giant hill on our street.  Not knowing any climbers or runners has been replaced by having so many events to go to and people to meet that we don't have time to fit in everything we'd like.  For example, we get to run with these great people every Tuesday night.

Because of the move and various scheduling issues, I'm going to skip the Ultra Trail Serra de Montsant for this year.  On the calendar for the immediate future are a 5-mile mountain race (up and down Mt. Yonah) and the Pine Mountain 40.  Next year will start off with Arrowhead but after that will mostly be about shorter road races.

A few of our new local runs and crags:

Pinhoti trail

Approach trail for the Appalachian trail

Amicalola State Park


HP40 (Horse Pens)


  1. Your house is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to reading more about your Georgia adventures, that is definitely an upgrade from Wisconsin. :)