Thursday, April 24, 2014

Calling all injured and formerly-injured runners!

Being in injury recovery mode, I have had running injuries on the brain for a few weeks now.

There are lots of good sports medicine studies that provide helpful info for deciding how to treat an injury, but there is also a lot of information that is still unknown or hasn't been studied extensively.  While more research will surely be coming, I have made an informal, unscientific study to try to get a few treatment suggestions for us in the meantime.  It's better than nothing!  I invite all injured and formerly-injured runners to fill out the survey here:

It should take 15 to 20 minutes.  You will see more or fewer questions depending on your answers.  There is more information about the survey when you click on the link.

The more recent the injury the better, though injuries from any time frame (especially for people with good memories!) are welcome.

I'm looking for at least 500 responses so please fill it out and then ask your friends to as well!  Thanks for your help.


  1. glad I don't run so don't feel guilty about not filling this out :-)
    Get well soon!!

    1. Watch out or I'll broaden it to include cycling injuries...!